Credit Card Verification Services

Our Credit Card verification services is an industry leading package for demanding environments, processing large amounts of transactions reliably and quickly via the Compufix network

What are the benefits of using Compufix credit card services?

We provide a fast and secure infrastructure, using encryption to protect you and your customers transactions including PCI Compliance.

The typical transaction speed is sub six seconds, increasing your transaction count, and improving guest experience

Hardware agnostic, we only recommend devices and solutions that meet you requirements and environment.

Because we own and manage the network which the devices reside on, we take full ownership from start to finish of the transaction.

CCS Card Payments 3G Auto Failover solution

  • Maintain Chip & Pin transaction in the event of a DSL line failure
  • Maintain Hotel Booking System updates so you don’t double book rooms when the primary line is down
  • 3G and GPRS connectivity … always on, so no need to wait for it to be authenticated in the event of an outage
  • Networks features such as NAP, PAT, Routing, ACLs and firewalling all delivered as standard