Compufix Network Services


Our managed service looks at all aspects of your current service architecture with a view to rationalising what you don’t need, improving the fractional use of the resources you do have and ensuring that your services work without disruption to your everyday business.

Compufix provides a complete managed Network solution from connectivity to the remote management of end-user devices for example routers, IP phones, Wireless Access Points and Chip and Pin devices. It operates over a centralised management platform offering advantages of a true fully managed network provider 24/7/365.

Compufix Services brings all of our WAN and carrier expertise and experience together to provide you with an integrated, best-fit solution. We have a wealth of experience in delivering, supporting and billing carrier services and our independent position is your guarantee that you are receiving the best available solution.

Selection of solutions we offer

Managed Private WAN – a multisite private network able to support multiple traffic types whilst having the ability to interconnect to the Internet, SIP Providers and hosted facilities, all with a CCS Management wrap.

Traditional Voice Lines – ISDN30, ISDN2, and PSTN services from a number of providers.

Call Usage – Direct Voice minutes as well as indirect Voice Minutes via Carrier Pre Select (CPS).

SIP Trunking – SIP Trunking as part of Managed Private WAN, Multi-Service Access Connection (combining SIP Trunks with Internet Connectivity for example) as well as dedicated Lines over a variety of Access Technologies such as ADSL and Ethernet.

Non Geographic Numbers – 08 numbers with a varying degree of routing and cloud based service complexity.

Internet Connectivity – Internet Connectivity on a variety of access connections from ADSL through to Ethernet First Mile Services over Copper and Ethernet over Fibre as well as diversely routed connections for resiliency.