Business Grade Wi-Fi


Compufix Wi-Fi allows your workforce, customers, staff or pupils to connect wirelessly to the internet.

With the onslaught of smart phones and the consumer demand for information on the move, public Wi-Fi venues have become the main gateway for customers to connect to the digital world while providing a portal for venue owners and other 3rd parties to communicate directly to the consumer on the go, on a one to one basis.

By providing a walled garden approach before the user goes on line the venue owners can manipulate the customers Wi-Fi journey while targeting key call to action messages anytime during the internet surfing experience.

The increase in rich content available over the internet and ability to stream this content to mobile devices will have a commercial impact with the cost in delivering the bandwidth to meet demand in the venues. It is inevitable that communication lines into the outlet will have to increase to meet these demands, this will challenge the free to surf business model that traditionally has been provided by hospitality venues. Increased costs for bigger, faster communication lines will change the way venue owner’s monetise the free to consumer Wi-Fi journey.

Key initiatives in this area are:

  • a) Multiple use/control of landing page on Mobile Devices
  • b) Data Off Loading
  • c) Brand Value Including 3rd party Advertising
  • d) Two Tier Service